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About DCI Scanning

Who is DC Industrial Scanning Systems (Pty) Ltd . . . .

DC Industrial Scanning Systems (Pty) Ltd is a Southern African Distributor & System Integrator in barcoding, scanning, labeling, cabling, connectors, printing and radio frequency identification applications. DCI Scanning have also recently introduced Redbeam Software.

RedBeam, Inc. is a leading provider of barcode and data collection software designed to make fixed asset tracking, inventory control, and check in check out processes more efficient.

Redbeam Asset Tracking Software : asset management application to track all your assets & software
Redbeam Inventory Control Software : stock taking & inventory control to ensure all your stock is up-to-date
Redbeam Check In Check Out software : equipment & items rental & lending program

With over 30 years experience, DCI specializes in system design, development supply, installation and integration. 

DCI Scanning is the Preferred Partner & Sole Distributor for Redbeam Asset Tracking, Check In Check Out Software and Inventory control software packages mainly for, but not limited to Southern Africa.

DCI Scanning is also the distributor for many other global brands :

Datalogic Barcode Scanners, Datalogic Scanning, Datalogic Mobile, Datalogic Unattended Scanners Datalogic Scanning
Datalogic Mobile
Datalogic Unattended Scanning
Datalogic Authorised Repair Centre

Janam Barcode Scanners, Mobile Scanners Southern African Distributor

  Janam Mobile PDA Barcode scanners
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